Introduce new topics

Create a kahoot to kick-off a lesson, introduce new concepts or preview content. Some Kahoot!’ers call this a ‘Blind Kahoot’!


Challenge past performance

Use Ghost Mode to play against your previous score… or someone else’s! Perfect for challenging knowledge, assessing progress and reinforcing through repetition.

Quiz / Discussion / Survey

Professional development

Kahoot! is just as awesome outside class as it is in. Collaborate with colleagues, introduce concepts and share knowledge.


Review, revise and reinforce

Revise topics, reinforce knowledge, recap learning, pre-assess and practice before exams. Revision just got twice as nice!

Quiz / Discussion / Survey

Join the global classroom!

Connect with classrooms in over 180 countries and play a kahoot together in realtime using screenshare.


Re-energize and reward

Create a kahoot to break the ice, re-energize a room, reward good behavior or just have a little fun.


Turn learners into leaders

Close the loop on learning! Challenge students to create their own kahoots, individually or in groups to deepen understanding, mastery and purpose.


Formative assessment

Test personal knowledge, evaluate understanding or create a kahoot to assist formative assessment.

Discussion / Survey

Discussions and surveys

Think beyond the quiz! Create a kahoot to survey opinions and insights, facilitate discussion and initiate debate.