Kahoot of the Day: Google Search Trends

Posted on January 14, 2016

Inspired by the Digital Learning themes explored at FETC (Future of Education Technology Conference), today’s Kahoot of the Day is packed full of ideas for ramping up engagement in games for lifelong learners and bringing delight to the classroom.

There’s much more to Kahoot!’ing than simply thinking up questions and multiple choice answers. With the right planning and a little creativity, you can introduce new subjects, quickly spot gaps in knowledge, spark lively discussions and increase engagement in literally any subject. This "What did the world search for in 2015" kahoot breathes life into otherwise lacklustre facts and figures plucked from Google Trends.

What works best about this kahoot?

1. Mixed questioning style

As Voltaire would have said (had he been around during the digital learning era), “judge a kahoot by its questions”. There is indeed power in asking the right questions. With a little planning and creativity you’ll be able to use the questions themselves to get learners to switch on, think laterally or focus their undivided attention on the subject at hand.

We love how this question below isn’t a question at all, but a prompt to really think about each sport, its fans and why people might have searched more for one sporting event than another... and then scrutinise every answer to see which one fits best. The extra time on the clock is much needed!


2. Plausible wrong answers

Some players have a tendency to use “fastest finger first” game tactics in a bid to make it into the Top 5. Now’s your chance to make them stop and think before they answer! Hide the correct answer amid alternatives that are plausible enough to make them pause for thought. By mentally testing the different possibilities against what they thought they knew, your learners will both reinforce their knowledge and learn the subtle differences.

TOP TIP: Did anyone get the answer wrong? This is the perfect moment to take time to revisit the subject, dispel myths or explain important nuances. Kahoot-of-the-Day-Google-Trends-Plausible-wrong-answers

3. Creative imagery!

Nothing like a neat little animated gif to liven things up! We’re not talking (solely) about silly little gifs of grumpy cats – did you know you can actually use gifs to boost learning? In this kahoot you’ll see “image reveal” animated gifs in action, used to slowly give players hints about what the answer might be. While they’re waiting for the image to reveal itself, they’re thinking hard about what they know for sure, and what they can deduce from the parts of the image they can already see.

TOP TIP: Using Giphy, you can easily create “image reveal” gifs and mini slideshows from your pictures, add captions to your gifs, or quickly create animated gifs straight from YouTube videos, Vimeo clips or vines.


Tips for playing or adapting this kahoot

  • This kahoot is such a great fit for people learning about digital content marketing or SEO, or to kick-off a discussion about current affairs - why not try it over lunch at work? You can loop in colleagues in other offices simply by sharing your screen on a video call.
  • Got a pub quiz night or a charity event coming up? General knowledge kahoots like this one are really fun in a social setting – especially as there’s no limit on the number of players (we’ve had games with thousands of players at one time), and players don’t need to register.
  • Duplicate the kahoot, edit, and add a few more questions specific to your favourite subject – whether it’s most searched for YouTubers or stats for your own country.

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